Old Seaman

385 x 285

A Fish for my Friend

385 x 285mm

Home through the archway in Trogir - Croatia


530 x 350mm

 Restaurant in Stari Grad - Croatia

 Harbour at Hvar - Croatia


Too Early for Coffee ( Stari Grad- Croatia)

 Winter Wonderland in Switzerland

400 x 300mm

 Gruyer Town- Switzerland

270 x 365mm

Not available


Vista through the Trees 530 x 370 mm

contact Artist for price


Ruin amongst the Daisies

310 x 270mm


Bird's Paradise

 520 x 300mm

Farm in the Outeniqua Mountains 370 x 250mm

Contact artist for price

Graceful Arabesque

400 x 300mm 

Contact artist for price


400 x 300mm 

Contact Artist for price

Tying her Ribbons

400 x 300mm

Contact artist for price 

Africa's Little Five ( Leopard Tortoise, Buffalo Weaver, Elephant shrew, Rhino Beetle, and Ant Lion) 590 x 420 m


Guineafowl Gathering

380 x 260

Watercolours on Gesso

Contact Artist for Price 

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